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father and daughter fishing

A little bit about us! We are a family of four who love spending time outdoors. How did Out Wide – The Reckless Crew come about, let’s start from the beginning.


We had a ski boat and our kids were way too little and it sat in the driveway more then it got used. We sold it day before Christmas Eve and Hubby with his brother already lined up looking at this boat in Hervey Bay, road trip late afternoon they went and came back late (with the Quintrex 475 Bay Hunter Caprice) and that’s when the love off fishing for me and the kids came about, I love anything to do with the ocean/rivers and well hubby has always fished the rivers with his older brothers and one of his brothers has always fished out wide.We took our boat out any chance we could, we camped at Miara. I even bought my first fishing shirt which was a BCF purple one. It was hard to find one without all the bits on it and one thing I found is our son got to get a fishing shirt as he is a size 4 well at the time a size 3 so the shirt was way to, big on him but with rolling the sleeves up it fitted. However; with our daughter who was one and a bit at the time and still now is only a size 2 the sizing doesn't start any smaller than a size 4.​

At Miara camping and fishing we always meet beautiful family’s and after speaking with a few they had the same issue with fishing shirts and also found that sizing for smaller children was hard to find. Also, with our little one he doesn’t like anything with collars or zips, hence our round neck for kids who don’t like collars.

Few months later (now we will include this bit as a lot of men can relate, and I do eat my words). I loved our quintrex, however hubby had other ideas, he seen this boat he just had to have it as it was the right price, it’s bigger I can go out wide even if it isn't a great day. I ignored him and he took his brother to look at it. He bought it, I was not happy, I went and seen it, I was furious (was it a good boat) yes, we now have two boats. Our quintrex sold too quick for my liking which made me more furious as this was my first ever fishing boat and I got attached.

​There I was writing a cheque for a boat I did not want, hubby and his brother loved it, I told hubby go live with your brother well. They took the boat out wide, told me how great this thing was, how this tournament 1750 handled so well at break sea. They caught heaps off fish (and me all I could say is the boat should be called DIVORCED!)

Then hubby took the kids and I for a drive up the river, I seen how safe the boat was, and how it handled. I bit my tongue and said fine. I was wrong you were right; this is a great boat. Guess who hubby rang first to bloat about how I ate my words. This is where the Out Wide - The Reckless Crew name came about, hubby and his brothers have always done reckless things buying boats last minute, long road trips, going out wide fishing, now with all that and the love off art, we said why don’t I design shirts so anytime I am inspired I start drawing, not all designs make the cut, but it’s always exciting.

Our logo is designed by the one and only SomArt (an amazing graphic designer and artist) been friends with her, her brother and family since my parents moved to Port Bundaberg in 1990 and I knew she would be the best person to design this for us as she grew up right on the river at The Port.

We sold our tournament a boat I do miss, however goals for our bigger boat and in the mean time I went and purchased a boat behind hubby’s back which is our 5 m freedom sport quintrex which is an all-rounder for fishing, going the two mile on a glass day, crabbing and skiing.

Now you know a bit about us this is Out Wide – The Reckless Crew over and out! Family business established 2020 on the coast line off Burnett Heads with the ocean at our feet, little reckless and the love off fishing!

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